Monday, October 31, 2005


via Angelica, via whole mess of people, this story has me very confused.
Three weeks after a South Korean freighter carrying more than 2,000 tonnes of benzene capsized off Taoyuan County, the government on Thursday tried to demolish the ship with bombs and missiles.

Although two separate bombing runs failed to sink the ship, the Ministry of National Defense declared the mission a success.

Admitting that it was "embarassing" that the initial effort by two F-16s to bomb and sink the ship failed, Minister of National Defense Lee Jye yesterday said the ministry would engage in introspection about the mission.
So they attack it with F-16s, and fail. Then they attack it with helicopters, and that seems to have worked better, although not completely.

There are two possibilities. One is that the Liberians are secretly making cargo vessels capable of withstanding attacks from some of the most advanced weaponry available. The second possibility is that the Taiwanese Air Force desperately needs more training.

Some guys are chuckling in a smoke-filled room in Beijing.

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