Monday, October 24, 2005


Okay, this is pretty inconsequential, but Steve Gilliard has a good smackdown of Robert Kaplan in this post.

Essentially, Kaplan is mastering what anyone with two cents worth of brains learned when they watched Band of Brothers: it's the non-commissioned officers who make an Army work.

I especially like to see Kaplan ridiculed for my own personal reason. Last summer, Kaplan wrote a piece in the Atlantic about how the US would "fight China", based almost entirely on access to commanders of the US Pacific Fleet. It never seems to have occurred to Kaplan that these sources might have their own personal reasons to scare the crap out of the US public about the Yellow Peril.

I occasionally write about things military, but I'd ask my friends and loved ones to please hit me if I ever get as hackneyed as Bob Kaplan.

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