Monday, October 17, 2005

America the Beautiful

Jon Schwarz is obviously a depraved Communist:
The alternative here would be to believe that America is like any other country; that when a country attacks another without being attacked it is almost always immoral; and that therefore, because America has fought a lot of wars in which we weren't attacked, we've fought a lot of immoral wars.
Read the full post - he's responding to some particularly stupid reasoning by someone named George Packer.

It's truly astonishing to me how offended most Americans get at the idea that their nation is only incrementally better than most major powers have been throughout history, if at all. No, for many Americans (and I imagine most citizens of major powers at the height/precipice of their power) it's impossible to believe that the United States has been anything other than a beacon of liberty and holiness from which no evil was ever spawned.

Suggest to them that America behaves precisely as ALL major powers have through history, and they start foaming at the mouth and clutching their rosaries/crucifixes.

To further suggest that the drive for national power itself might be immoral is obviously a sign of mental illness. Lobotomies will be performed.

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odograph said...

I was thinking this morning that we (Americans) had some really good years ... maybe from 1975 to 2000.

I graduate high shcool myself in 1976 and barely missed the Vietnam draft, but saw that war and the fall of Nixon. Those two things left me with a healthy scepticism for governement, even American government.

As I further considered this, I wondered if 25 years was about what you had to have for a country to forget a lesson and do the same mistakes all over again. The words "not another Vietnam" were still en vogue in 200X but I think they'd lost their power, for a variety of reasons.

It will be interesting (dare I hope) if Bush ends his Presidency on the same note as Nixon, and the cycle begins again.

But strange as it is to say ... but for all his faults, and lies, Nixon was trying to disengauge from a war ... not start one. That's my coming-of-age recollection, anyway.