Thursday, August 25, 2005

News, Everyone!

Angelica at Battlepanda is moving to London (the good one, not the Canadian one) and has asked me to guest-blog over at her place while she packs up. I have happily accepted, so I'll be writing some more stuff dealing with my favourite topics - energy, Asian development, politics, pretty much the usual.

You won't have to check over at Battlepanda to get everything I'm writing here - I'll be double posting everything. But some of it will be old to the people who've been reading regularly. I'll try and spice it up a bit, but by now my regulars must be getting sick of me re-hashing peak oil and electric cars.

That said, I'm working on a series which I hope will coherently cover the current and impending energy crises, and the possible solutions. Hope you all enjoy.

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