Sunday, August 21, 2005

In Which I Say Nyahh

Well, I've been saying at least since January that the US has to pull out of Iraq, and soon. Given the news (via Billmon) that the US is now backing Islamic law for Iraq, I think they're paving the way for exactly that. The only reason the Bush administration would concede such an embarassing reversal to the Shia is in the belief that it can calm things down in time for 2006. I think they're wrong - the US-caused civil war is still pending, in my books.

So here we are: The US invaded a country on the pretext of WMDs, which they never found. They then proceeded to claim they invaded to "liberate" the Iraqi people, who will now almost certainly find themselves living (optimistically) under an Iranian-style government, or (pessimistically) having to choose between at least three factions in a civil war. Of course, exactly this outcome was predicted by the anti-war crowd in 2002. We were called cowards, appeasers, pro-Saddam, etc etc.

One of my friends recently speculated that Canada's absence in Iraq might, in the future, be remembered as infamously as Canada's refusal to take Jewish refugees in World War II. It's a provocative thought, but I think it's not entirely sound - for Canada to be culpable, we'd have to be able to do something meaningful. Canada's military is not in a state where we could deliver a meaningful assistance to the Americans. To put it briefly, it's not our fault this is coming undone on the US.

More importantly, this war could never have been a good war. It was waged in defiance of the international community, and sold on the basis of lies. It did substantial harm to the US's relationship with the world, and undermined a half-century's worth of work on international law. It has, and could only ever have, made the world a more dangerous place in which to live. If you don't believe this, ask a Londoner.

We were right all along. Don't ever, ever let anyone tell you otherwise.


afp763389 said...

... :)

Mike said...

Testify John!

I can hardly wait to see:

1. The next post hoc justification for why ther war took place

2. The justification for the Islamic republic when it is created

3. The picture of the last helicoptor taking Americans and refugees off the top of the US embassy in Baghdad

Its not like the whole rest of the world didn't warn them this was going to happen.

Aaron said...

Ever minute of every day the US is bogged down in Iraq is one less minute they have to scheme elsewhere.

I'm changing my tune a bit these days - Lets hope the US spends a couple hundred billion more in Iraq before they leave.

Maybe that'll slow em' down next time.

Americans hate three things the most:

1) Spending money badly.
2) Intervenening around the world in countries who's names they can't pronounce. (Eye-Raq anyone?)
2) Losing wars.

Bush may have hit the trifecta.

john said...

Aaron, you forgot #4:

Admitting failure.