Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Happy Anniversary

I have to take a moment for something personal.

For those of you who aren't regulars, this is my girlfriend's blog. One of the latest entries is her toilet-papering her ex-boss's office. I'm in love with a self-professed insane person.

Five years and a few days ago, a crazy, funny little woman asked me out on a date. Five years ago today, the date actually happened. I never thought going to see a Jennifer Lopez movie would be so profitable. Thank you, The Cell. (Our second date was seeing the much, much worse Art of War. Damn you, Snipes!) She came to our date looking beautiful, as usual. I came looking like a schmuck, again as usual.

After the movie, we went out for drinks - unfortunately, to the same bar where all of my friends were going for drinks as well. It's a brave woman who meets all my friends, on the same date, and then signs up for a second one. Somehow, despite all the issues that crop up in five years' time, she's still hanging around with me.

It's been a wonderful five years, and I can't wait for the next five.

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Vicki said...

Me too!
Kisses and hugs for my schmoo!
[This is me hugging John]

Everyone stay back! He's MINE!