Monday, August 29, 2005

Ah, Weddings

(Cross-posted at Battlepanda)

Vicki and I went to our third wedding this summer last saturday, and our second Chinese wedding this month. (My third overall.) Some thoughts:

1) Chinese food isn't weirder than western food, just more honest. If you can't handle the fact that chickens and fish have faces, then join a PETA rally, pinko.

2) I think I'm becoming an honorary Chinese person - picky eaters are really starting to offend my sensibilities.

3) We need an international treaty time-limiting thank you speeches. Desperately.

4) Until this summer, I'd managed to go without learning how to properly tie a necktie. Damn you, repeated weddings! Make me learn a new skill!

5) I think it's in fact impossible for new brides to look anything other than good, but if people have contrary evidence I'd love to hear it.

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