Friday, July 29, 2005

If Grassland Survives, The Terrorists Win

Via Battlepanda, I find myself doing something I'd so far avoided - reading a John Tierney column. God, he's really an awful wingnut pundit. But the substance of his column is interesting - environmentalists have agreed to buy grazing permits from ranchers to protect a national park. Excellent example of environmentalists working with the community - the greens win, the ranchers win, so everybody's happy, right?

No, not right. For reasons that are beyond my feeble understanding, Republicans have pressured the Interior department to stop the sale. Angelica asks if this is simple spite motivating the GOP, and I'm leaning towards yes - for the GOP, anything - absolutely anything - which smacks of "environmentalism" has to be fought tooth and nail, no matter how appealing it otherwise would be.

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