Monday, July 18, 2005


I came across this a while back - Suburban Guerilla linked to it as a reason for gay marriage to be legalized. In case you didn't hear:
TAMPA - Even though the boy would shake and wet himself, his father, Ronnie Paris Jr., would box with the 3-year-old, slapping him in the head until he cried because he didn't want his son to grow up to be "a sissy," the boy's mother testified Monday.

Others corroborated Nysheerah Paris' testimony as the prosecution built its case during the first day of the capital murder trial of Ronnie Paris Jr., 21, accused of abusing 3-year- old Ronnie Paris until the boy slipped into a coma Jan. 22.

He died six days later with swelling on both sides of his brain.

"He was trying to teach him how to fight," said Shanita Powell, Nysheerah Paris' sister. "He was concerned that the child might be gay."
Just to be clear, we have here the charming and innovative combination of a hate crime and infanticide. It truly boggles my mind how a parent could be so afraid of homosexuality - in a three year-old - that they could beat their son to death. Was he worried about his son coming home from day care in leather chaps?

I don't have much else to say. I'm really only linking to this on the off chance that I might make some bigots less comfortable.

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