Wednesday, July 27, 2005

And I'm Back

...catching up on things, watching taped Daily Show episodes and I was shocked to see Sen. Rick Santorum look almost human. I was actually listening really intently, because I guess I half-expected him to spit acid on Stewart's face, or something.

It was actually succeeding in making Santorum look less like hellspawn.


Until the junior Senator from Pennsylvania said that when America was dealing with "segregation and racism", that "was" a time for a strong federal government.

Racism. "Was".

Apparently, America has conquered the scourge of racism. This must have happened sometime between Sunday afternoon, when I went away, and Monday afternoon, when Jon Stewart was taped.

Or, it might just be that Sen. Santorum is an ass who's so detached from reality that he can work in Washington for ten years and never see evidence of racism in America's blackest city.

No wonder some people are less than happy with this ass.

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