Sunday, June 19, 2005

We Actually Do Have Bigger Problems, You Know

I dislike freebies for MPs as much as anyone, but how does this rank anywhere near the top of our annoyance list?
CTV News has learned that the federal parties order approximately 180 meals a day, four days a week when Parliament is sitting.

Based on a catering price list that pegs the cost of Monday's fish dish at just under $20, the Parliamentary kitchen is serving some 20,160 meals a year for a total tab to taxpayers of $382,000.

John Willliamson of the Canadian Taxpayers' Federation finds those figures very hard to swallow.
Well of course the Canadian Taxpayer's Federation thinks that sucks. What else to they hate? Let's check out their website: Hmm.. Kyoto, Health Care, gasoline taxes, a whole bunch of stuff gets put on CTF's chopping block. If you read this document (warning - PDF) you get a good idea of where they come from. However, unlike CTV, the CTF at least is going after the big fish - whining about a measly $300k is a waste of ink. I can only hope that CTV didn't actually waste air time with this crap.

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