Thursday, June 09, 2005

Ooh... New Batteries

Green Car Congress has a link to a developing technology from Altair Nanomaterials, a company I've been interested in for some time. Essentially, new materials for the electrode of the battery could reduce charging times and greatly increase the lifespan of the batteries. Because batteries would be the major cost for any electric car, increasing their lifespan is important. Also, Altair says they can build batteries that charge in as little as one minute.

This is all kind of old news for me, but the far more interesting bit of info is that Altair and it's partner ABAT are now talking about introducing an advanced battery for real world tests later this year. This was surprising to me, as Altairnano only announced it's new materials earlier this year. So good news all around - we're seeing a number of positive signs, and industry is moving quickly to adopt them.

Ah, the sweet scent of optimism...

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max said...

I think I need to read your blog more often.

I read Battlepanda's reply and I can't let it go unchallenged. He/She However, I'm not going to co-opt your blog and turn it into another battleground.

But, I feel I need to clarify one thing.

I was not referring to an anti-Israel bias in the Reuter's article but more about media. Attempting to generalize about western media bias as pro/anti Palestinian is an exercise in frustration. It is of paramount importance to recognize that every newspaper report is a subjective snapshot.