Monday, June 27, 2005

On That Note...

Rejected TV Pilot Thrives on P2P

How's this for irony?

A sacked TV pilot about a large number of people who stay in touch through an underground data network has popped up on ... well, an underground data network.

The WB television network passed on the pilot for Global Frequency, a sci-fi adventure series based on the graphic novel by English scribe Warren Ellis.

But that didn't stop someone from leaking the pilot on the internet. The file eventually found its way into the BitTorrent network.

Over the last couple of weeks, enough people have downloaded and viewed the pilot online to give producers hope that TV executives might take a second look at the show.
There are more and more examples of this happening, and I love it - company X makes content Y, refuses to distribute it. Content Y makes it on to the Internets, where it becomes a success. Company X screams bloody murder, like this:
Hoffman added that the pilot's unauthorized distribution is "unacceptable and illegal ... no matter what the underlying motives" and said the company hasn't ruled out taking legal action "when it comes to stopping the illegal distribution of our copyright material."
thus ensuring it alienates motivated consumers. Because WB also apparently owns the intellectual property on stupidity and arrogance, too.

Note to Music, Movie and TV executives: Piracy is not the reason you're losing money. Sucking is.

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