Friday, June 24, 2005

Haw Haw

So, Paul Martin pulled a fast one tonight:
The contentious budget amendment bill passed 152 to 147 in the House of Commons Thursday in a late-night, snap vote.

In a move that caught the Conservatives completely unawares, Liberal House Leader Tony Valeri proposed a rarely-used time allocation motion in the House of Commons, cutting off debate on Bill C-48.

The motion passed easily. And after an hour of debate, MPs voted on the bill at around a quarter to midnight ET.
Hoo hoo. I know the Conservatives will start screaming about the Liberals not playing by the rules, but face it - this is the kind of thing governments do. The Liberals know how to play this game better than most, and if the Conservatives can't play the game then they shouldn't be on the field, should they? Not that this will stop them from screaming - McKay is already saying the Liberals "will do anything to win."

Shorter Peter McKay: Conservatives don't want to win.

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