Monday, June 27, 2005


In response to Harper's "Separatists are Gay" comment, this CP story:
OTTAWA (CP) - Stephen Harper set off a political uproar Monday when he appeared to blame Quebec separatists for the pending legalization of gay marriage....

The comments were swiftly rebuked and ridiculed by rivals of all political stripes.

"We're elected," said Bloc Leader Gilles Duceppe. "Our mandate is every bit as legitimate as any member who sits in this chamber.

"That's what they call democracy."

The Conservatives could help end the Bloc's influence by supporting Quebec independence, Duceppe said.
Oh hell, don't give him any more bright ideas, Gilles!


Anonymous said...

These comments are out of context.
Harper was pointing out the simple fact that the deciding vote in changing a Canadian institution will be a group of politicians work to not be Canadian at all.

john said...

Ah, the allure of "simple facts". What relevance does the Bloc's separatism have in this instance? None whatsoever. I'm far more of a federalist than Stephen Harper will ever be, but I'm also a progressive - if the BQ is on my side on this one, I'll take it.

Rick Barnes said...

imagine the Tories communications folks hitting on that idea!


Now I am scared!