Friday, April 15, 2005


Okay, first off: This shit is disgusting.
"Recently, Princeton graduate student Michael Lohman admitted to police that he had been silently terrorizing more than 50 Asian women on campus by clipping snippets of their hair, spraying them with his urine and pouring his semen or urine in their drinks at university dining halls when they weren't looking. After three years of these repulsive acts, investigators finally caught up with and arrested Lohman last week. They searched his campus apartment and found stolen underwear and women's hair stuffed into mittens that he had been using for sexual self-gratification."
Okay, now I understand why Vicki's friends interrogated me so thoroughly when we started going out. I thought it was odd that they wanted to know if I'd ever dated an Asian girl before.

I guess I understood intellectually the whole "Yellow Fever" thing, but that's just horrible. It gets worse.
Not only are Asian women disproportionately targeted in sex crimes, but they are also the least likely to report such incidents. Sex crimes are already grossly underreported, with only an estimated 26 percent of rape victims coming forward, but the percentage of Asian women who do so is even lower, at a mere 8 percent. Police hope that the Asian women will come forward about their harassment in the Princeton incident; however, the statistics tell us that it is not likely.
As the article makes clear,Asian women are targeted disproportionately because of the "submissive" stereotype surrounding them. The solution to this preponderance of pervs is simple: Asian women, start collecting nuts. And I'm ain't talkin pistachios, neither.

(And lest anyone be under any illusions, if I ever acted like Vicki was "submissive", my parents would get my severed head mailed to them. Ah, young love.)

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