Thursday, April 28, 2005

What More To Say?

Well, everyone else seems to have hashed out the NDP-Liberal deal pretty thoroughly. Greg at Sinister Thoughts has a few good posts.

The only thing I'd add is that the press reaction seems more negative than the public opinion so far - though admittedly that's to be expected. Between the Globe and the National Post, neither paper is exactly overjoyed at the prospect of a centre-left coalition government. Also, I hope Jack's rebuttals of Conservative criticism stick. I'd be willing to bet that he'll come out of this week with a bump in the polls, because of the additional press he's gotten in combination with the fact that the deal itself is a pretty good one. The only sector that Jack's really likely to be less popular with after this week are the Conservatives, who weren't going to vote NDP anyway. Also, the Bloc voters might be upset - but I'm hardly an expert on Quebec politics, and should probably keep my mouth shut on such matters. (Which is a herculean task for a blogger, after all.)

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