Thursday, April 21, 2005

Well, I Could Be Wrong

So after I said that Layton had "flubbed" the speech by making an election pitch, everyone else seems to think that he did really well. I find this hillarious - I've been and NDP voter all my life, and was very happy when Layton got the leadership. But even CalgaryGrit is saying he did the best of the four speakers tonight. And Pogge points out something important:
"They're all talking about Jack Layton on an equal footing with Martin, Harper and Duceppe in the midst of a scandal that involves Liberal corruption, the possible fall of a government and national unity issues. That in itself is a victory. The fact that they all say nice things is gravy."
Oooh.. I feel good things coming Jack's way. It's enough to make a socialist's heart flutter.

Come on, it's about time the NDP had a chance at the big table. Prime Minister Layton!

Addendum: I should say that the reason Jack's speech turned me off was that it had a "laundry list" sound to it - rather than talk about sponsorship, the NDP wants to talk about all the things we think are important. What can I say, it sounded silly to me, and like a cartoon version of a left-wing politician. If it plays well, though, I will be the first to say congratulations!

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