Sunday, April 17, 2005

Two Links from SG

(That's Suburban Guerilla.)

First, this little item about US firms illegally shipping GM corn to the EU, contravening EU law on GM food. Nice to know that the world's only remaining superpower can be counted on to try and poison it's closest allies.
(Yes, yes, I know that GM food hasn't been proven harmful. But the point is, these firms knowingly broke EU health laws, and probably had the US government's help in doing it.)

Secondly, I think I was on this ship a few years back, so the idea that it was damaged by a wave, which were pretty common when I was out on the ocean, is kind of alarming.

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Anonymous said...

The ship you were on was the Norwegian Sea, the ship hat got hit by the wave was the Norwegian Dawn.

*shifty eyes*
he he he....