Monday, April 25, 2005

Throw Him an Anvil, Jack

So Jack's given Paul a hard deadline for taking out the tax cuts, Tuesday. Good. But it looks like Paul Martin may not want to make the deal:
However, the Prime Minister appeared to be closing the door on the NDP demand to remove corporate tax cuts from the budget.

"We're not intending to water down anything," Martin said Monday in an interview with Toronto radio station CFRB.
Fine. Screw him. Martin's rapdily approaching Mulroney-esque levels of incompetence, and now he can't take a helping hand when he's drowning? He deserves to lose.

It makes you wonder if Paul Martin ever had any idea why he wanted to be PM. I'm beginning to think he's likely to go down as the male, liberal Kim Campbell - around just long enough to destroy his party.

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