Tuesday, April 12, 2005

A Southern Strategy

For years, Republicans in the US Congress have stood in the way of reasonable, constitutional restrictions on abortion. Why? Because abortion is such a good issue for them, were it to be "fixed", the Republicans would lose one of their primary talking points. So instead, the GOP keeps proposing laws it knows will be struck down by the courts, all so that it can say "Look! Them damn activist judges are baby-killers!"

Well, it looks like Stephen Harper and the Conservatives have picked something up from the Red States. Harper knows a) that this bill will never pass, and b) that this hate crime of a bill would be struck down even if he managed to pass it. So why do it? So he and the rest of his unreformed Reformers can go back to Alberta and scream about activist judges who love the ass-fucking. Brilliant.

Who was it who said Canada is a prisoner of it's geography?

In related news, 52% of Canadian say they're opposed to the new law. Fine. I'd like to reiterate: We don't put equality to a vote in this country. If we'd waited for popular support, women might have gotten the vote by now - maybe. The government is supposed to lead, every once in a while. Imagine that.

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