Friday, April 22, 2005

Sex Sex Sex Sex Sex

Alright, two carnally-related points that have been kicking around in my head since yesterday.

First off, is there some federal or state law mandating that crack (the drug) be visually linked to black men? I was watching CSI last night, and they engaged in what has to be the most tired image of drug use - the white girl, smoking crack provided by her black boyfriend/john/pimp/etc. Traffic did this too. Thirteen - that movie about a young white girl's downward spiral - likewise associated drug use and other assorted criminality with blacks and hispanics. I actually thought Thirteen was a piece of pretty nasty racist imagery wrapped in a crappy story that might have been relevant a decade ago. Basically, it was a young girl's version of Birth of a Nation.

Secondly, via Kevin Drum, this story from the NY Times about divorce rates coming down in the US. The reason for this newfound constancy in marriage? Young couples with university degrees have seen a rapid drop in the rates of divorce. These would presumably be the same university graduates widely assumed to be so promiscuous and experimental during their actual school careers.

So, Promiscuous Sex: Now good for your marriage!

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