Thursday, April 14, 2005

Idiotic Political Commentary

I'm watching the Daily Show, and they've got some jackass talking about "moderates" and "centrists" winning elections to return America to sanity. His role models? Truman and Kennedy were mentioned - the two presidents to win the narrowest mandates of the 20th century.

Up next - winning elections by losing!


Battlepanda said...

I really hate it when people treat electral outcomes that were so close they're just about as meaningful as statistical coin flips as if they're inevitable. There is a lot of this "hindsight" going in with Kerry now. How his campaign messed up. How he couldn't have won because of X, Y and Z.

OK, so his campaign was a bit lame. But the pundits should remember that he came pretty damn close to unseating a president in wartime AND relative economic prosperity. Nothing to sniff at.

Thomas said...

Good political leaders aren't always going to be understood in their time. It took David McCullough's book to rehabilitate Truman's reputation.