Thursday, January 27, 2005

Latin Loving

I've mentioned A Canticle For Leibowitz previously, and Vicki has finally neared the end of that excellent book. The books of Canticle (it's divided in three) all have latin titles - Fiat Lux (let there be light), Fiat Homo (let there be man), and Fiat Voluntas Tua. I knew the first two, but was mistaken about the third - turns out it means "Let thy will be done", and was what Jesus said in Gethsemane as he begged his Father to spare is life, but realized it was hopeless - "let thy will be done" showed that Jesus had accepted his fate, more or less.

Knowing how the book (Canticle) ends, suddenly that means a lot more to me. I dug this stuff up here, where I also learned that "goodbye" is a contraction of "God be with ye". And yet, despite being a contraction, I'm sure I heard Lt. Data use the word "goodbye" in Star Trek.

All together now.... NERD!

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