Sunday, January 30, 2005

Capsule Alien vs. Predator Review

Piece of shit.

That said, something's always bothered me about the concept of the Predator. You've got this fast, strong alien that's incredibly devoted to the ethic of hunting - but it uses it's invisibility cloak all the time. Does this sound like something a dedicated hunter would use? It's kind of like playing Doom with all the cheat codes on, isn't it? Sure, wasting a few thousand guys with a machine gun is fun for the first minute or two, but eventually it just gets old.


max said...
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max said...

until doom 2

john said...

Actually, I never really got in to the Doom games - after number one, that is. Doom 2 left me cold, and Alex gave me number three, but I still haven't installed it. It's currently sitting at the bottom of my "wait until summer and avoid an 'F'" pile.

Now, GTA3 with cheat codes... That's Entertainment!