Tuesday, December 14, 2004

This is what we're up against

An 18-year old gay student in Texas, who has been running an online support group for other gay teens in the not-so-enlightened state of Texas, was expelled from his private Christian school for "immoral behavior and supporting an immoral cause."
As if that wasn't bad enough, James Barnett was outed by the school principal - to his parents who, until this point, did not know that they had a gay son. Because, after all, what's the risk of suicide among gay teens? But who cares, this is Texas, and we don't want none of them fags around these parts.

Seriously, I can't express how angry this shit makes me. In a few of my classes this year, I've had to sit through assholes talking about how gays are taking over, and it's Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve and on and on and on. And I feel awful just listening to it, and I feel awful because I don't say anything, because what do you say when you come up against this wall of hateand stupidity? What did James Barnett do that was un-Christian? Mentor and advise troubled young teens so they stayed off drugs and stayed sane in a world that hates them? Yeah, I'm sure Jesus would spit on James, but that jackass of a principal is getting waved right through the line at the pearly gates.


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