Saturday, December 11, 2004

Morning Links

Adam, who should really have a blog much more than I, sends along some very odd links.

  • This girl has serious medical needs and some very odd pets.
  • This is too funny for comment, if you ever wanted to see bad soviet electropop. I am relatively certain it is satire. Please God, let it be satire.
  • The rough path to Utopia, in comic form.
  • And I'm just going to throw in an oldie but still a goodie. Kenya!
And, in a story too odd for me this early in the morning, a vodka pipeline from Belarus to Lithuania has been discovered and shut down by Lithuanian authorities. Now, I know the europeans love their booze, but really. A VODKA PIPELINE? That's just wrong.

I'm working on a bigger post for later today, so check back. It is likely to be an oil- or China-related post.

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