Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Harper continues to not understand

He's going to move Prentice to Environment, replacing Rona. Fine, do it. But is Jim Prentice going to actually be allowed to form decent policy? No.

It's a mistake to blame Rona Ambrose for the policies of this government, though of course she is responsible as Minister. We all know that Prentice will be no more able to make a sensible green pitch than Ambrose was, and that's it.


Technetium said...

I'm not sure how the content of your post warrents the title (perhaps a reference to some of your earlier posts...a clarification for me please? =)

I think Jim Prentice is an awesome choice, (also who I was hoping they would put in there=) If the environment is the biggest issue of the day, then why wouldn't you put your most effective minister?

Ambrose could have put forward the best policy possible, but without the PR to back it up, it would've gotten trashed by the opposition, just like the current one did.

It may have been better for the party to put in a Quebecer, but I think for the environment Jim Prentice is the best choice.

I also disagree that he won't be allowed to form decent policy, since I see him as one of the few with a strong influence on the PM, but we can only wait and see who is right =)

john said...

"Harper continues to not understand" that his issues derive not from negative press, but from positively bad policy.

When even Tories were out saying the Clean Air Act was below expectations, that's not Ambrose's fault. That's just a bad bill.

Harper needs to work on improving what he actually does, not who the figurehead is.

OTOH, if it turns out that Prentice turns this around, I'll eat my words. Promise.

Technetium said...

"if it turns out that Prentice turns this around"

I assume on a non-partisan level, we all want this to be the case, whether or not it happens we'll have to wait and see =)

Then again, getting us to agree on what constitutes turning it around is another thing ;)