Thursday, October 12, 2006

Damn damn damn damn

I was going to say exactly what Kevin Drum said, but he had the gall not to wait until Grey's Anatomy was over*. Regarding the micro-debate over whether or not the Democratic Party should court the Libertarians in the US, K-Drum writes:
Libertarians may say they favor liberal social policies — and they do — but when push comes to shove most of them will toss the social stuff overboard in a heartbeat in favor of a dedication to economic libertarianism. What really gets their hearts pounding is big government and regulation of the free market.
It's true, and it's the heart of why I can't in good conscience call myself a libertarian. Anyone who votes Republican because they call themselves committed to libertarian principles is a delusional hack. The GOP is the party of disenfranchising blacks, toadying to monopolistic capital, and unbridled deficit spending. Any Libertarian who claims that party earns their vote should be ashamed of themselves.

*Bite me, you watch it too.

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auntiegrav said...

Libertarians have the mindset of most dopesmokers: they can focus like hell on one subject, but can't see past that one thing. The idea of smaller government then becomes an 'issue', or anti-corporatism becomes an 'issue', but they can't put the two together to realize that the liberty they seek is in their pocket already, and that they do more by turning off the TV and keeping their money in their pocket than any political 'vote' will ever accomplish.
"Tune in, Turn on, drop out." The tome on the the issue is Charles Reich's "The Greening of America"

*No, I don't. It's probably funny, but as a general guideline, I don't watch TV because it's addicting to me and I hate the fascism it represents (oops.,"corporatism").